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Lindsay Adler Shoots a Wedding Cinemagraph

2/28/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Pro photographer Lindsay Adler takes you behind the scenes on the production of a series of wedding cinemagraphs using Flixel Cinemagraph Pro and the Panasonic Lumix GH4.

For this setup I used Profoto Pro Daylight to give me glowing constantly light. This is a fantastic HMI light source that gives me daylight balanced constant light that is not only adjustable but also gives me the ability to use all of my Profoto modifiers. Since I would be filming video, I would definitely need constant light but wanted the comfort of using modifiers I was used to. This is the strength of the Pro Daylights— all of my Profoto modifiers fit on this powerful constant light, allowing me to shape my light the same way as I would shape my strobes. The modifier I chose was the Westcott Zeppelin 47in (deep umbrella) to give us a stunning glow to the photograph, including soft light fitting of the dream we had created. -explain Lindsay -

For Lindsay, the idea of a cinemagraph is ‟bringing a still image to life.” With 4K video, a single frame looks just as good as a photo. The image just has "more detail, more vibrancy and more depth to it.”

For this living image we would shoot two frames. One still frame of the model, and another moving frame (video) with the sparklers (stuck in foam) that we would super impose to give us this sparkling image.-said Lindsay -

Thanks Lindsay for sharing.

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