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David Love transforms his living room in a studio for superheroes and villains

3/01/2015 Matt 1 Comments

From Fashion, Glamour and Commercial here on Earth to compositions from another world, David Love, a photographer based in Oviedo, Florida, usually shares his behind the scenes videos for every photoshoot. All at home.

Superheroes have to sleep too.

On his website, David talks about his workflow:

I use my house mostly with paper backdrops. If the client has ideas we’ll discuss through emails before the shoot so I can research and prepare some ideas giving me time to see the images in my head beforehand. If it’s a model I tell them to bring various clothing (bikini to winter coat) and as they are changing I am moving and arranging the lighting. -said David-

 This way one shoot can look like 20 giving them more variety in their books. After the shoot I’ll dump the images into Adobe Lightroom and let the client go through the images choosing their favorites.

Some Photographers won’t show an image until it has been retouched but it’s a waste of time if the client hates the image anyway. We don’t know them well enough to know if their eye is supposed to be twitching that way or they hate the right side of their face. 

 Also it lets them be proactive in the process rather than just being the muse. Most of the time they will pick ones I like as well. As we go through the images they see themselves, I see lighting, angles, crops and bokeh.

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