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Is the image quality of new Canon 5Ds comparable with large format photography? Image Samples

3/20/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

David Noton, Canon Explorer, is an award-winning landscape and travel photographer. He shares his experience of working with the new Canon EOS 5DS - an ultra high resolution full frame DSLR.

Text, images and video via Canon Europe

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Unknown said...

Is the Canon better than larger format. Err depends. But essentially no. I am not a landscaper per se - but love the Canon T/S lenses - a friend of mine bought this camera for hos T/S lenses and he lent it to me to have a look - I am already a Hass H6 user, I also have an X1DII and I used to have a GFX50s. I have been a commercial shooter specialising in fashion for 20 of them, now I do interiors and automotive. Now before anyone suggests that there is a way of using T and S lenses with the X1D and GFX - they are uscj a compromise even with the Cambo 'aperture' adaptor that its a non starter - at best you can take nice pics of static shots - but as soon as anything moves you are in trouble - rolling shutter and all that nonsense - yes you can use them on a GFX100 but again compromise you can't use all the movement due to the larger sensor etc - So with all that aside image quality Canon compared to MF? no. no, no , no , no. Same as comparing APSC to FF