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The Red Bulletin Presents: Mike Blabac and the Faces of Skateboarding

5/30/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Mike Blabac (website) got his first camera, an old Nikon F3, at a swap meet in 1987. He’s been photographing his friends skateboard ever since, only now his friends are legendary athletes like Torey Pudwill, Danny Way and Wes Kremer.
Una foto publicada por @blabacphoto el

Una foto publicada por @blabacphoto el

Una foto publicada por @blabacphoto el

Una foto publicada por @blabacphoto el

Starting his career shooting on film, Blabac’s initial response to the evolution into digital photography was to vehemently oppose it. That is until he took the iconic photo of skateboarder Danny Way jumping the Great Wall of China in 2005; a shot that to this day circulates the web.

Since then he’s adapted fully to an industry that continues to change on a daily basis, claiming a stake in the action sports photography space with a career spanning two decades.

While Instagram heroes may ebb and flow, photographers like Blabac that have years of experience honing their craft will continue to rise through the noise.

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Text and video via Red Bull