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70's NYC Disco: The Bill Bernstein Photographs

6/07/2015 Matt 2 Comments

Bill Bernstein was asked by Paul McCartney to be his personal photographer in 1989. By establishing a relationship of trust and excellence with Sir Paul he served in this role for over 15 years.

Now he has a new project: DISCO

Bill discusses his photo book on the late 1970's New York City Disco and Nightlife scene. His pictures were captured as Disco came to an abrupt end in 1980. 

From the Mudd Club to Paradise Garage to Studio 54, Bill Bernstein captures all the wild and creative energy of the time.

Published by RAP, October 2015

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Unknown said...

I love ISO 1200! thanks for posting the video for my upcoming book on the late '70s NYC Disco and Nightlife scene. And what a scene it was!
Pub date: October 2015

Unknown said...

I love ISO 1200! Thanks for posting my upcoming book video.