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A message to ALL Photographers: If Joey L doesn’t light a fire under your ass nothing will

6/07/2015 Matt 0 Comments

In this video Jared Polin reflects on the fantastic work Joey L presented yesterday:
Sometimes as creatives we need a spark, a kick in the ass, something to light that fire that pushes into action. Well Joey L just did that for me and I certainly hope he did it for you.
Click Here to the video.

Joey has created an unbelievable video that includes vivid stories and sensational and emotionally charged photos called "GUERRILLA FIGHTERS OF KURDISTAN". The fact that he put himself into such a risky situation speaks volumes. Would you put yourself into that situation or is that something you could never see doing.

I know I personally am not sure if I would have done what he did but wow, I was scared just watching the video. That's called emotion, that's called power and Joey L flat out did that with these photos and video.

It made me question my own personal approach to photography at this time. Am I pushing the envelop enough or have I gotten soft with my creativity? This is something I struggle with non stop with the website that I have built. Do I just leave and slow down the roll of the website or can I actually seek the creative images and still build this out?

Here is what you need to be asking yourself right now. What story are you telling? What excuses are you making about why you aren't shooting what you want to shoot? I'm not saying you need to go put yourself into harms way like Joey did. I am simply trying to get you to ask yourself "what are you creating".

Joey L you did an amazing job telling the story, you created emotion, tension and awe inspiring images. Thank you for the kick in the ass. - Jared Polin -

Think about it.

Text and video via Jared Polin