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Putting on a Stock Photo Shoot with Almost no Budget at 500px HQ

6/06/2015 Matt 0 Comments

See how easy it is to put on a successful stock photography photo shoot with almost no budget. 500px Team did it, now it's your turn!

Here is the full list of expenses they have encountered:
  • $60 — manicure for 2 women for shooting close ups
  • $100 — lunch for models and photographers (sandwiches!)
  • $200 — make up artist
  • $1000 — shooting BTS video and post-production (obviously, this is an optional step)
  • $Free — models, lights, office, photographers, cameras, editing, etc.

Find out more about this shoot, how they put it together, and how much it cost on the 500px ISO blog:

Check out (or license) the photos they captured during this photo shoot on 500px Prime:

Text, image and video via 500px