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LA AIRSPACE: Aerial photographs of the architecture, landscapes, and people of Los Angeles by Mike Kelley

6/03/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Check out Mike Kelley´S Kickstarter (website) campaign for his LA aerials book! This is the craziest thing He has ever done.

My name is Mike Kelley and I am an architectural photographer living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Over the past two years, I've combined my experience in photographing architecture with my love of aviation to photograph Los Angeles from the sky. I've canvassed the greater LA area -- from the San Gabriel Valley to Ventura, the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach, in search of compelling images.

I have been working to create a large-format art book that documents the landscapes, infrastructure, architecture and lifestyles of Los Angeles as seen from a helicopter. The finished book will be in black and white, hardcover, 9"x12", bound in linen, and printed locally in Los Angeles by Paper Chase Press, a bindery which employs traditional bookmaking methods to produce each book by hand in the highest quality possible while also being environmentally conscious. -said Mike-

$75: Signed art prints

Where is the money going?
All of the flights have been taken, images have been created and edited, and the layout and design of the book have been mostly finalized. The funds raised here will go towards funding the printing run of LA AIRSPACE. Self-publishing has thus far been a humbling process in many ways; and the expenses involved have been eye-opening. In order to make the printing possible at top quality and without outsourcing anything, there will need to be enough pledges to support the production of the book. And with your help, I hope to see people all over the country and all over the world enjoy these beautiful images of the city I call home.

Help to Mike Kelley to get his dream. I did it.