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Long Exposure Milky Way Editing Tutorial by Andrei Oprinca

7/20/2015 Matt 0 Comments

In this tutorial we are going to edit two raw photos of night Photography. Get the RAW photos for free here:

Andrei Oprinca will show you how to edit two long exposure photos in Lightroom/Camera RAW and Photoshop and get a nice image.

The final image is created from two images: one of them exposed for the stars and the milky way and the second one exposing for the road and the car headlights.

Gear used:

- Nikon D7100
- Tokina 11-16mm
- Cullman Tripod
- Phottix Aion Wireless shutter release

More info about how Andrei Oprinca took and he edited these photos:

Text and video via Andrei Oprinca