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Photography Lighting Techniques: Photographing Fashion one step at a time with Christian Hough

7/20/2015 Matt 0 Comments

In this photography tutorial follow along to see how to approach and light a fashion shoot.

TeamBowens photographer and lighting educator Christian Hough (website)  guides us step-by-step through a commercial fashion shoot using a mixture of monolight strobes and generator power packs.

In this video Christian covers the importance of using the right lighting modifier at the right time, in the right place.

He explains in detail each part of his lighting setup and describes how and why he uses each light shaper including why he uses Snoot attachments to concentrate and focus light on the model, the benefits of the 21" Beauty Dish as a hair light, and Christian also explores and explains his unique and unconventional approach to lighting backgrounds with the High Performance Reflector.


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Text, image and video via bowenstv and Christian Hough (website)