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Lighting setup: 360 degree panorama of "Whispers in the Woods" by Alexia Sinclair

8/03/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Alexia wrote this about this image on Facebook (link):

No location has ever creeped me out as much as this one, and it's for that very reason it's so important to reclaim what it once was. To try and reshape it's horrible history into something more than just a forest of bones.

Over the past month I've ventured into the woods of the Belanglo state forest no less than half a dozen times to create this image. Those familiar with the name will need no further introduction. For the uninitiated, all I will say is that it's notoriety was gained through the heinous crimes committed there in the early 90s.

My first invitation I was unaware I was in Belanglo, I had been invited to go mushroom hunting with a close friend. It's such a beautiful place and one we should embrace.

The final image:

Behind the scenes:

Alexia has shared a super detailed placement of the lighting with a  360 degree panorama here:

Read the full post with more information here: