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The 4 posing secrets to looking amazing in photos by Lexia Frank

8/12/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Lexia Frank is a destination wedding photographer and luxury wedding photographer continuing to use traditional film photography as her medium of choice for weddings, portraits, and commercial photography. She shares with us 4 secrets to looking amazing in photos.

1) How to get rid of your double chin in photographs

Sometimes, we just look awkward in photos. This one simple little trick will help make you look great and get rid of any double chin.

2) Photography posing idea that hide the upper body and elongate lines

In this quick tutorial Lexia demonstrates some quick and easy ideas on how to get a nice photograph of yourself if you're a bit self-conscious of your upper body, or have some areas you'd like to elongate.

3) How to look good in photos and loose inches from your waist

Try this easy pose to give some shape to your body in photos. Cut inches off your waistline

4) The secret to looking amazing in photos is your feet

In this video  Lexia Frank talks about the posing secrets to sitting or standing while being photographed- and the secret is all about the feet! as a former dancer, Lexia gives tips on her blog about looking great in photos.

Text and video via Lexia Frank

You can find her work at | Blog

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