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Guest post: Making of the photo shooting for Chupa-Chups campaign

9/21/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

All you can do with a Chupa-Chups . Let´s watch it:

Today we want to introduce you to one of the last projects we’ve been working on, the pictures for the last Chupa Chups campaign, designed by La Fábrica de Sombreros, a Barcelona-based advertising brand.

It’s a fresh and young campaign, where the star is the classic Chupa Chups lollipop. With these images, our goal was to enhance the main characteristic of Chupa Chups: its taste. This is the reason why the agency looked for a creativity that sent the message of the flavor explosion of the product through the use of a giant Chupa Chups. Everything surrounded by the young and carefree atmosphere reflected in the copys that go with the images. You can see all the photos in our portfolio.

From a technical standpoint, for this project we’ve worked with a medium format camera, as we needed quite a big picture size in order to cover buses and other big surfaces. We’ve also worked with high speed flash equipment, which was really necessary in order to “freeze” the movement of the liquid splashes in the photos.

The images we’ve prepared for this campaign can be currently seen in many channels and mediums: press, TV, buses, MUPIs in Barcelona and Madrid streets…

In order for you to understand the work we’ve made for creating these images, we’ve wanted to share this Making of video of the shooting

Client: Chupa Chups
Agency: La Fabrica de Sombreros
Digital Assistant: Guille Faingold
Assistant: David Datzira
Models: Pol Guixeras, Lídia Puyoles
Make-up Artist: Sara Cela

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