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Watch "Imagination" Behind The Scenes: How PermaGrinFilms made the stop motion sensation that is spreading

9/29/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

As children, we viewed the world through the lenses of our imaginations. The carpet became lava, the shadows formed monsters, the family minivan was a spaceship. But the older we got, the more reality set in, and soon we forgot the magic our minds could create. We invite you to step back into your childhood and take a look through the lens once again.

Back in November of 2013, the co-creators Roth Rind and Marc Donahue decided it was time for a new project. The goal was to take the techniques used in "Dream Music Part II" and expand upon them. PermaGrin Films takes you on the wild adventure through the imagination of a child to the fantastic recreation of Anthony Newly's and Leslie Bricusse's "Pure Imagination" by the very talented music artist,Jordan Corey.


Directed by Marc Donahue
Produced by Roth Rind
Starring Kai Burich
Co-starrig Stephen Burich
Download “Imagination” by Jordan Corey at

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