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Special Dedolight Competition: How to create 3 atmospheres in one room

10/05/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

This is a lighting tutorial by Dugly Habits for the 30th Anniversary of Dedolight International Competition 2015.
Here we show you how you can create 3 different atmospheres in one single room by using an SPS5 Dedolight Kit, some other lights and a couple of simple but pretty cool tricks!

We tried to make it as entertaining as possible! Each chapter consists of a one-shot scene and tells a little story about Peter and Paula.. a typical German couple...

Have fun watching the show!


Produced by Dugly Habits (
Camera: Mark Klotz
Lighting: Dugly Habits
Actors: Joanna Barbera (Paula), Ives Pancera (Peter)
Supported by dedo light (

Text and video via Dugly Habits ( via )

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Eric Younger said...

Great video! great way to understanding lighting scenes :-)