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How to add Photoshop's clarity on video in Premiere Pro

11/03/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Unfortunately we cannot use the Photoshop's clarity filter on a video. But luckily there's a way around it in Premiere Pro.

The Photoshop RAW filters are very popular. Especially the clarity filter. It can make the overall image and skin tones very soft while retaining the sharp edges.

But it can also make your image look epic with hard contrasts and extra sharpness. Something we all love to use on our photos.

However, the clarity filter is not made for video. It's not able to do that. Even when we import a video into Photoshop to add the clarity effect to it, you will notice that only one frame will be affected.

But luckily there's a way around it in Premiere Pro, a real video editing program. By using the correct blending techniques and filters we can either make the image softer or harder. Just like the clarity effect in Photoshop.


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Yes we can put clarity on avideo in photoshop
easy easy
just transform to smart object