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Workshop: Keatley Survival Guide

11/19/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Survival Guide is a 2.5 day workshop for photographers created by John and Nichelle Keatley. Topics covered include: business basics, marketing, finding your style, how to get a rep, what to charge, how to work with clients, and so much more.

Photographers who have taken the workshop call it a masters degree in business for photographers.

Find out more at & @keatleysurvivalguide on Instagram.


Anonymous said...

Come on now, this is simply an unpaid ad. How about at least a little substance, iso1200 ?
Content marketing with no content.

Hi dear reader.

I understand you, but please, let me explain.

A lot of photographers share videos for free. Then when someone ask me if I can share ( for free too) some project or workshop, I think I must do it. It is a win win, sure Keatley will share with us a lot of high quality content in the future.

It is only a way to pay them.

I wish you are agree with me.