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Photo tips from Lewis Kemper and Tyler Stableford + Workshops

12/02/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


Tip One: A sturdy tripod

The key to getting good night photography images is having a sturdy tripod. Nothing insures sharp images better than a good, solid tripod.

Tip Two: White balance

Having the proper white balance to render your night scene in a realistic fashion is a key element. The white balance can be set either when photographing, using the custom white balance, or in post processing if you shoot in raw.

Tip Three: HDR photography for best dynamic range

Night photography features extreme differences in brightness between your shadows and the bright lights found in the city. The only way to capture that range of information is to bracket your exposures and use HDR software to combine them for a full tonal range image.

Tip Four: Have fun!

Night photography lends itself to some creative experimentation. Try creating multiple exposures or zooming your lens during a long exposure. Think outside the box!

If you would like to learn more tips from Lewis, you can sign up for his immersive photo workshop in San Francisco by following this link:


Tip One: Embrace Dynamic Lighting and Lens Flare

I like to employ a high key feel in much of my work, which I accomplish by shooting into the sun with a reflector or a strobe to balance the subjects. Experiment with lens flare and shooting into the sun and see what kind of dynamic images you can create!

Tip Two: Shoot With A Shallow Depth of Field

By shooting with a shallow depth of field, you create selective focus that draws the reader closer into the image.

Tip Three: Get The Flash Off The Camera

Avoid the snapshot look and experiment with the placement of flashes and strobes. This will create more unique and dynamic imagery.

Tip Four: Get Your Subject Off Center

Create tension in an image through employing the ‘Rule of Thirds’ and placing your subject along the 'thirds' sections of a shot.

If you would like to learn more tips from Tyler, you can sign up for his immersive photo workshop in Puerto Rico by following this link:

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