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Lighting a Kitchen Disaster on Location, with Jodie Sweetin

1/08/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Hi this is Jay P. Morgan, and today on The Slanted Lens we're lighting a kitchen disaster on set, with Jodie Sweetin. Jodie's getting ready for the premiere of her new show, Fuller House. Jodie enjoys photographs with opposition, so we went with the 'glamorous girl upfront with a kitchen disaster behind her'. This was not one of the simpler lighting setups we've done in the past.

We've got seven lights, and lots of special effects going on. We'll break down the lighting and show you how we set up those effects with the help of Dynalite ( and Rosco (

Have a watch and leave any comments or questions below. And check out Jodi on Twitter ( and Instagram (

Thanks for watching!

Keep those cameras rollin' and keep on clickin'. 

-Jay P.

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