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What NOT To Say To An Actor

2/04/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Directors, take note! RocketJump Film School asked some of their favourite talented friends "What should you never say to an actor?" Not only did they all have amazing stories, but in the process they gave us some fantastic advice.

Bryan Forrest (VGHS, Deadliest Warrior)
Kelsey Gunn (5 Second Films, DBPM3)
Brennan Murray (VGHS, Hickey)
Jimmy Wong (VGHS, RocketJump)
Ashly Burch (HAWP, RocketJump)
Alec Owen (5 Second Films, DBPM3)
Ellary Porterfield (VGHS, RocketJump)

Text and video via RocketJump Film School

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