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New Products by Lensbaby and Edelkrone: The future is here

4/12/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

It is not a secret between my friends that I would like to have a Slider Plus with the Action Module sold by Edelkrone to begin with time laps. The problem is every new product that Edelkrone featured is even more addictive if you have the gear acquisition syndrome (GAS). Today they have shared some futuristic products: the JibPLUS Project, RigOne,StandPLUS, and Povie. I never have enough!!!

Lensbaby, other of my favorite companies, presents today a new lens, the "Twist 60"," a non-tilting lens that frames your subjects in deliciously twisty, swirly blur. Discover what you can do with a fresh perspective and a new lens."

All this videos are the presentation of the products (no reviews).

Twist 60

JibPLUS Project

RigOne Introduction

Povie Introduction

We would like to know what do you think about all these new products.

Videos via Lensbaby and edelkronesupport

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