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AnalogRev: MiNT SLR670S Is A Modern Polaroid With Manual Exposure

6/11/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Ian has a little memento in the form of an old Polaroid. It's from the brand new Mint SLR 670 S. But are photography friends, really friends? Is Warren someone he can trust?

Mint SLR 670 S

MiNT have a new flagship, which is the SLR 670 S. This incorporates the classic design of the SX-70 with the Time Machine, which gives the old Polaroid manual exposure. What a treat.

Impossible film Polaroid

Main Features:

  • Single-lens reflex camera
  • Manual focus: 10" to infinity
  • Shutter speeds: 1/2000, 1/1000, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125,1/60,1/30, 1/15,1/8,1/4,1/2
  • Long exposure: B-mode, T-mode
  • Extra modes: A100, A600, OFF
  • Takes Impossible film with no extra batteries required.
  • Price: €568 or $649

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