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DIY diffusers to photograph the economic and political elite in Swiss Economic Forum

7/08/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This year I had the opportunity to photograph  some of the most influential politics and economy personalities of the world for the Swiss Economic Forum. For this specific photo shoot  I decided to make a classic setting with a Rembrandt light. I need to work fast, no time to prepare complicated lighting setups.

I decided to use my Elinchrom deep softbox and a DIY solution for the eyes shine:  Aluminium foil. Not cool but the results are awesome.

As Ambassador of Pentax, I take pictures with the medium format camera Pentax 645Z   in most of cases. Canon was this year's partner of the Swiss Economic Forum in Interlaken .Therefore,  I "must" work with the Canon.  I often work with the 5D Mark III  if I need less data or I need faster shutter speeds. For this reason, this was a  great opportunity to compare  Canon EOS 5ds (50 million pixels) VS the Pentax 645Z.

In the two days I photographed around 100 guests from business and politics and I only had  3-5 minutes for everyone.

50 million pixels with the Canon EOS 5ds, Pentax 645Z and now also with the Hasselblad X1D - which camera is the winner?

Right at the beginning: I want to make here no technical comparison between the two cameras. These are already enough on various blogs. 

Could we said  the image quality of the Canon 5ds approach the medium format of Pentax 645Z? If I compare the files  you really see a difference only at 100-200% magnification with the fine transitions from dark to light and vice versa.  In addition, the Pentax 645z has  a greater dynamic range, which especially helps me when I need the detail on dark or light. 

About Remo Neuhaus:

Born in Berne, Switzerland, Remo Neuhaus made a name for himself as a portrait, people- and commercial photographer. He has trained his lens on many internationally-acclaimed personalities as well as local Berne celebrities. In the world of sports, the subjects of his works have ranged from Zinedine Zidane to Ronaldo and Figo all the way to Mark Streit, Roman Josi and Fabian Cancellara.

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