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How to Direct Your Subject for a Street Portrait

8/04/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this video, you can see how Eric Kim interacts with his subject and direct them for a street portrait. You can see how this amazing street photographer and instructor asked his subject to stand behind a clean background, how Eric started further, and then started to frame closer.

Eric Kim Street photographer

I also tried to get my subject to be more interactive by playing with her hair, and throwing it back and forth. Shot in macro mode with a flash in "P" mode on the Ricoh GR II. - said Erick
Eric doesn´t stop, too much interesting subjects on the LA streets. In this second part, Eric keeps getting closer to his subject, and interacting and engaging with them while making photos of them. Eric  shows his favorite photo of each session at the end.

Check out his upcoming street photography workshops here:

Text, image & video via Eric Kim Photography | Shot in Downtown LA by Todd Hatakeyama. 

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