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Badass is Beautiful: BTS With Stuntman Photographer Payton Ruddock

9/25/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is probably the sickest Behind the Scenes video that Payton Ruddock has had yet with a HUGE. Obviously he is not a stuntman, but read here his impressions:

Every so often you just have to get back to the basics and head back to shooting what you started out doing. For me, that's cycling and more specifically Triathlon and Time Trial Cycling. I wanted to create something new in a way that I have lit people for years and Valerie was the perfect athlete to feature in this one.

We've wanted to get together forever and this is the long awaited result of that planning. I hope y'all enjoy and, as usual, remember that this is a shooting style that we do specifically for us.

There is an element of danger in shooting this way and we do not condone the actions for others. Ruddock Visuals is not responsible if you try to copy this and sustain injury or harm in doing so. Be smart, be safe, and create some awesome stuff! ( thanks to Eric Walley for his awesome work on this )

Don´t try this at home

About Payton Ruddock:

Payton is a Houston, TX based commercial sports and portrait photographer. Creating heroic and epic portraits of athletes and making people look larger than life is his focus and photography, light, contrast, and shadow are his tools.Let's Get Connected: 

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