17 Photography Blogs to Follow in 2017

12/30/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

17 Photography Blogs to Follow in 2017

This is the perfect way to end of the year.  Write and editor Jordan Merimee from shutterstock.com has publised his guide with the "17 Photography Blogs to Follow in 2017" and ISO1200 has been selected together with renowned photographers and bloggers. If previously we was appointed one of the Top 100 Photography Blogs on the web, this is an awesome gift for our daily hard work. Thank you very much.

This is the list:
  1. Petapixel.com
  2. photofocus.com
  3. thephoblographer.com
  4. stuckincustoms.com
  5. featureshoot.com
  6. dpreview.com
  7. brendansadventures.com
  8. digital-photography-school.com
  9. fstoppers.com
  10. photographylife.com
  11. chasejarvis.com/blog
  12. photographyblogger.net
  13. strobist.com
  14. iso1200.com
  15. blog.joemcnally.com
  16. lightstalking.com
  17. outdoorphotographer.com/blog

With these blogs and websites in your bookmarks you can hone your craft and stay up-to-date on the latest tech and gear in the industry as you make a name for yourself in photography. As you perfect your craft remember the three P’s – preparation, patience, and practice. Photography is a journey – look no further than these websites for evidence that even professionals have to start somewhere.- said Jordan.-

Read the full post on www.shutterstock.com/blog. Thanks Jordan.

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