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dad duty 2.0. portraits of Carducci Suits

12/01/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today we have the pleasure to feature photographer  Tim Gerges  with his latest project 'dad duty 2.0. portraits of Carducci Suits'. We hope you enjoy his behind the scene look into portraits, lights and photography

In my last post, I wrote about the first leg of a collab shoot I did with Dad Duty.

The previous shoot, featuring clothing from UF Fashion, was shot using only the available natural light, whereas this leg of the shoot was shot entirely using Broncolor lighting gear.

I used a couple of Siros lights to set the scene. If you’re a photographer, you’ll be interested in the Siros range. Siros comes in two versions, the S – which is a super powerful monohead in 800w and 400w configurations, and the new Siros L – which comes with the same specs as the S – but with the added benefit of being completely battery powered.

At the time of this shoot, only the Siros S had launched, so I had two of those on set as well as one MoveL pack and MobiLed head. (I have a play date with the new Siros L – so keep an eye on my blog for images from that upcoming shoot.)

Indoors we used the Siros lights. The main light was a Parra 88, and I used the Broncolor balloon to bring provide ambient light, and a small strip softbox to create a soft clip light on Jay, the model.

This combination worked really well.

As part of a challenge to myself, I kept Dakota – my Hasselblad camera - at settings that drained out all the natural light, so all the lighting in the pictures was purely flash.

For the last half of the images, I wanted to capture sunshine streaming in through the windows. It was quite a miserable day weather-wise in Cape Town, so we used a standard P70 reflector and some CTO directing the light through the window to emulate the sun shining through. For those who are interested, CTO stands for ‘Color Temperature Orange’ and adds a warm cast to the light, giving it the same tone as sunshine. Because the MoveL pack is battery powered, I could place it outside, and the wireless sync of the RFS2.1 meant it would still fire with the other lights when I pressed the shutter.

In the interest of full disclosure, although I had planned to bring CTO with on the shoot to create warm sunlight, I forgot it at the rental company. Realising this late on Saturday afternoon, with the shoot on Sunday morning, I purchased some orange cellophane from a local stationary shop and used that instead. The color wasn’t as accurate as it would have been with proper CTO, but it did the job.

You’ll notice in the video below that there is only video coverage of the first couple of shots - that’s because when we put the move light outside, my videographer/assistant went with it. It was cold and windy and Clinton was placed on light holding duty so that nothing toppled over in the wind – unfortunately that meant that we had no video coverage indoors.

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About Tim Gerges:

I’ve always been fascinated by super powers – the idea that one could posses magical powers greater than one’s self... Photography is that magic. It entices, fascinates and inspires. It is the closest thing I have to super powers.
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