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How to Create a 120 Years Old Autofocus Lens

12/14/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Old manual lenses expert, Mathieu Stern has shared a new experiment to transform his mirrorless into a old vintage camera "with autofocus".

The thing I ear the most when I say I shoot with old manual lenses is " but ... you dont have Autofocus, how can you do sharp images dude ?!" Well with this experiment, I know have more than 80 autofocus lenses. with the help of the Smart Teacart Pro Adapter. ( Techart Pro didn't pay me to say their product is great, I just think it is on my own).


You can learn more about the Teacart Pro adapter Here : (no sponsored)

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You can buy the Photoshop Actions h used in this video

About Mathieu Stern:

Free-lancer, I am shooting viral videos about photography, travel and many other subjects. Help me to do more cool videos reviews by visiting my Patreon page HERE

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