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Adding Ambient Light to Your Photos: A BTS Look In Getting Natural Looking Photos

1/02/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Adding Ambient Light to Your Photos

Today´s video, photographer based in Texas and specializing in portrait photography, Francisco Hernandez, will show you some examples of how bringing ambient light into your photos can give them a more natural feel.

Towards the end I give tips on the ways you can ambient light into your own photos and show you even more examples from other sessions I've had. Totally forgot to mention that I shot TTL throughout the whole session and that's very important. If you guys have any questions about anything in the video ask away. =) - said Francisco -
To add more light you can adjust your ISO level, open up to something wider or slow your shutter speed. However if you need to capture stunning colors in your sunset photography, lower the ambient.

Adding Ambient Light to Your Photos

Francisco has a group on Facebook specifically aimed to learn Off Camera Flash (OCF) lighting in a fun environment. It's around 11,700+ members strong and growing everyday.

This is the group; Facebook/LearnLighting

More interesting Francisco´s video tutorials about Off Camera Flash and portraits:

About Francisco Joel Hernandez:

Francisco Joel HernandezFrancisco Joel Hernandez is a 25 year old South Texas photographer specializing in portrait photography. Tutorials about lighting, gear, and photo editing are the primary focus of this channel. Other fun stuff might pop up as well so subscribe to make sure you don't miss it! Let's Get Connected: WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | Instagram

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