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5 Hacks to UP your LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY in 100 seconds!

2/28/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

5 Hacks to UP your LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY in 100 seconds!

Freelance landscape and travel photographer Toma Bonciu give you 5 tips to improve your landscape photography. You only need a tripod and some ND or graduated filters to change your vision of your outdoor images.

1. Long exposures in unusual places

Use a tripod, a remote control and an ND filter and take long exposures where you don’t necessary think of taking long exposures

TIP: search for elements that move near the ones that stay still

2. Move your camera while shooting

While shooting move the camera up and down | in circles | or just shake it for an interesting effect

TIP: it helps having a longer shutter speed

3. Zoom your lenses

While shooting zoom in or out | or first zoom in then hold your lens still and rotate your camera for a twist effect

TIP: the longer the zoom the better the effect looks

4. Gradual filters in unusual ways

You can use gradual filters to compensate for the sky’s brightness but you can also use them to create a path of light. Place two graduated filters like this and shoot inside the forest

TIP: you don’t have to have 2 identical graduated filters. You can use a 2 stops and 3 stops

5 Hacks to UP your LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY in 100 seconds!

5. Create cinemagraphs
Cinemagraphs are the new thing … and also look cool. Think of what you want to be still and then of the things that move. Make your subject still and let some elements continue their movement. Looks cool hugh? :)

About Toma Bonciu:

I'm a landscape and travel photographer. I post vlogs with my travels and photo shoots. Feel free to ask anything in comments of the videos and to also share them with your friends. Let's Get Connected: | Blog

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