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MoPho: An Exploration of Tomorrow’s Billboards

2/18/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

“An Exploration of Tomorrow's Billboards” proposes an alternative way in which you can understand an exhibition in the Information Age. Combining the use of spacial beacon technology and the tailor made app “MoPho”, artworks can be viewed through the viewers’ smart device.

This method of exhibition production allows visual content to be experienced in a new light; it can be customised to suit a variety of branding, communicative and curatorial needs. Perhaps, most interestingly this concept invites the audience to engage with the consumption of information in an entertaining way - the experience takes place in the hands of the viewer.

We capture and share stories from our connected devices. Now, more often than not, we broadcast stories by sharing photographs or moving images. We have achieved an unseen before mimicry. Think of a recent interaction... Chances are it happened in your hands. In the future, the interaction will likely take place with the help of future technology in your eyes or your brain. The Internet and the real world are converging; from the screen to the human fiber. We can either choose to deny it, fear it, or play with it.- said Visual Artist Lukas Renlund -

“An Exploration of Tomorrow’s Billboards” A film by Lukas Renlund and Anders Lönnfeldt
Team: Lukas Renlund (Visual Artist & Designer), Wanda Rossi (Digital Strategist), Martin Gergov (Developer), and Anders Lönnfeldt (Filmmaker)

MoPho is a photography exhibition app that communicates with beacons - it's location-based animated storytelling. You can download for  iOS and Android

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