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Digital Darkroom: Life after DRTV and AnalogRev (Feat. Mamiya 6)

4/24/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

It's actually been several months since I quit DigitalRev, and I've been honestly really humbled that many of you guys have asked for more AnalogRev. - said Ian 'c' Wong-

With that in mind, Anne and I decided to take a look at Richard Avedon's philosophy, with the help of Sofia and the Mamiya 6.

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About Ian Wong:

This is the joint channel of Ian Wong (Ex-DRTV and AnalogRev) and Anne Berry, even though yes, it just says Ian. Poor Anne. We'll post about photography mostly, especially film - although you'll find some of our travel adventures here. Let's Get Connected: Twitter | Facebook | Patreon

Text, image and video via Ian Wong

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