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Learn How To Create A Milky Way Panorama

6/11/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Learn How To Create A Milky Way Panorama

Watch Lester Picker explain quick tips about how to create a Milky Way Panorama :

-Level your tripod
-Pivot from your lens not the camera
-Use a panning base with 360° markings
-Start with wide angle lenses for easier stitching
- Give yourself plenty of overlap to increase your chance of a successful overlap
- Use a remote or timer mode to reduce shake and blurry pictures

Watch Lester Picker explain Parallax and teach you how to find your the Nodal Point for your lens http://youtu.be/IFQHoCjFTn8

Text, image and video via www.milkywaymike.com

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