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The Making of “The Man Show Tribute: 4K at 1000fps”

9/30/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A behind the scenes look at what went into creating "The Man Show Tribute: One Thousand Frames Per Second". Concept, direction, and cinematography by DFVC.

My latest reel. 100% Phantom Flex 4K at 1000fps. Pure eye candy. - said Dustin Farrell-

Original video can be seen here:

Please enjoy in 4K with some good speakers after you watch it on your phone while pooping.


Alyssa Depue - @lyssss.xoxo
Dominique Fiacco - @dominiquefiacco
Iryna Ivanova - @playmateiryna
Kyra Transtrum - @kyratranstrum
Lynnie Marie - @misslynniemarie
Natalie Golba - @nataliegolba
Taylor Rae - @tayrae_16
Vince Morgan - @vincemorgan12

About Dustin Farrell:

Creating images that awe and entertain has been Dustin Farrell's focus throughout his career. Now a veteran to the film and television industry, Dustin has developed a unique look that is unmistakable. The DFVC commitment to niche imagery like timelapse, aerial, and slow motion provides our clients an impressive arsenal under one roof. Let's Get Connected:

Text, image and video via Dustin Farrell (

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