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Accomplish your Dreams - Jennifer Lawrence Foundation by Clay Cook

9/14/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A behind the scenes look into Clay Cook´s project with Jennifer Lawrence for The Jennifer Lawrence Foundation and the collaborative efforts to make it the best is possibly can be.

I'm Clay Cook, I'm an editorial and portrait photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky.
I was contracted by the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation to photograph Jennifer and photograph Jennifer with children that she supports. During these two days, I'd only have about a couple minutes with Jen. There was a lot of moving parts, there was a lot of variables to lock in. We had to shoot this on location at a museum called the Frazier History Museum. There is currently a Hunger Games exhibit. Imagine like a Planet Hollywood, but it's in a museum. There's all sorts of props, and all sorts of costumes and entertainment and things of that nature of the Hunger Games series in this museum.

Jen was traveling to Louisville, Kentucky to be a part of the release and the opening of the Hunger Games exhibit. That's where my team came into play, to work with the Foundation, to get a few shots of Jennifer for marketing materials. We actually had to set up a full blown studio in several sections of the museum. That's why we had so much pre-production involved on this particular project.

It was very fast paced, very set up. I wanted to basically bring everything I had into it. I chose a Phase One IQ3 80 megapixel digital back, because I could depend on it, but more importantly, I knew that it would be the quality of image that's required for a subject such as Jennifer Lawrence. For this particular project, I used a Schneider 40-80 F4 to F5.6, as well as a Schneider 150mm F2.8. I chose to stick with the 40 to 80mm just because of the amount of time we had. That lens gave me versatility and focal length when Jen stepped in front of my camera.

One of the coolest aspects of day two was that I not only had the opportunity to photograph Jennifer, but I also had the opportunity to photograph the Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence together. We had a lot of fun in about under two minutes. Overall, photographing a celebrity has a lot of moving parts.

Thanks again to my friends at Digital Transitions, thanks to Phase One, thanks to Pro Photo, and of course, my friends at Oliphant, Sara Oliphant, who made the gorgeous background that we photographed Jen on. Then of course, thanks to my partners at Nadus Films and the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation for pulling all of this together for me.

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