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After The Dream: Use trash to create your Art Piece.

11/19/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments is an initiative launched by Philippe Echaroux in order to raise the awareness of the young generations to the environmental…

What is the idea?

  1. Collect some Trash. It's more fun with your friends!
  2. Create your Art ! the More Trash the better! Paint them, stick them, sculpt them. It's Up to You.
  3. Share your Art! Don't Forget to name your Art Piece and let us know the number of trash it contains! 

Visit his website to send your Art Piece:


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About Philippe Echaroux

Philippe Echaroux is a French Celebrity and advertising photographer working worldwide.Philippe also like to produce personal projects with strong meanings. Let's Get Connected: 

Images and video via Philippe Echaroux

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