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Jacqui Kelly: Meet the travel photographer who never left home

11/19/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Agoraphobic Traveller

Jacqui Kelly suffers from a panic disorder that makes it difficult to leave her home. But that didn't stop her from seeing the world.

She found beauty in the Google Streetview images and began taking screenshots. This caught the attention of thousands of people across the world, as well as Google.

Now, for a limited time, Google has given me permission to sell a series of limited edition prints with proceeds going towards charity. With the help of Stories for Good, £10 from each print will be going towards the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, a global nonprofit organization focused on improving the understanding, prevention and treatment of mental illnesses. - said Jacqui Kenny-

To see more of my work or to say hello, you can find me on Instagram @streetview.portraits

About Jacqui Kenny:

I found a surprising and unique refuge in the creative possibilities of Google Street View. I began clicking through Google Maps to navigate to faraway countries like Mongolia, Senegal, and Chile. I found remote towns and dusty landscapes, vibrant architectural gems, and anonymous people, all frozen in time. I was intrigued by the strange and expansive parallel universe of Street View, and took screen shots to capture and preserve its hidden, magical realms. Let's Get Connected: 

Text, image and video via Mashable News

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