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Veteran Urban Explorer Shares His Best Trips of the Year

12/31/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

life of an urban explorer Bob Thissen

Bob Thissen, the filmmaker behind the YouTube channel Exploring the Unbeaten Path, explores manmade spots that have been abandoned and left to decay.

He has visited hundreds of locales in more than 50 countries. These are his favorites from 2017.

Una publicación compartida por Bob Thissen (@exploringtheunbeatenpath) el

Una publicación compartida por Bob Thissen (@exploringtheunbeatenpath) el

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About Bob Thissen:

For 11 years we visit the coolest abandoned buildings in Europe, Asia, Africa and the US and experience crazy adventures. After the TV series "Exitus" (Which was broadcasted in Belgium and The Netherlands in 2016) we decided to make our own channel: Exploring the Unbeaten Path

Text, image and video via National Geographic

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