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How to make amazing travel photos even in ´bad light´

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This video is about using natural light in travel/documentary photography. Mitchell Kanashkevich will show you how you can leverage natural light. How you can use natural light creatively to make powerful photos in any lighting conditions outdoors. Yes, even in so-called “bad light.”

In the second part of this video, there’s a guide to natural light. In it, he will talk about the most common types of natural light. The guide will help you generate ideas. It will encourage you to go out and shoot in virtually any lighting circumstances.

Zakar is of Yazidi ethnicity. He says that most Yazidis in Armenia are shepherds like him. "People like to say that we're Kurds here, but we're not Kurds. We're not Muslims. We're not Christians. We have our own religion." Said Zakar, pointing to the sky. His Russian was very broken, but enough for us to talk about basic things. Life has been very tough for his people. Zakar is the first person over the age of fifty who said that "It was shit under communism and it's shit now." No rosie Nostalgia. “Where are you going to park your car to sleep? Along the road? Don’t do that. Might not be safe.” Zakar invited me to his “camper” bought from the military some time ago. Of course he wanted a drinking buddy. Thankfully he had very little vodka left and the drinking ended early. After some more chatting I went to sleep. The huge shepherd dogs barking in the distance. Fighting over food, scaring off wolves, then, around 12 am, finally some silence. #Yazidi #Armenia #Lumix #traveltheworld #instatravel #travelling #arountheworld #traveler #travelstories #lakesevan #travelgram #travelphotography #letsgosomewhere #portait #travel_portrait #sheep #dog #travelmemories #twilight
Una publicación compartida por Mitchell Kanashkevich (@mitchellkphotos) el

Una publicación compartida por Mitchell Kanashkevich (@mitchellkphotos) el

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Professional travel, documentary photographer and adventurer. Sharing the knowledge I've gained over a decade on the road, in the field with you. I try to talk about the topics that few talk about. Things that matter for growing as a photographer. Get his FREE PDF Guide :

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