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How to Clean Your Camera lens: Tips and Tricks

1/07/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to Clean Your Camera lens: Tips and Tricks

A dirty lens is not your friend.  In this video, photographer Joe Edelman is going to show you how to clean your camera lens and share with you my best lens cleaning tips and tricks that he has learned in his photography career.

So many photographers don’t know the right way to clean a camera lens.  My favorite lens cleaning tools are the Giottos Rocket-air Lens Blower to blow off the lens, a LensPen lens brush to brush off the lens, some KimWipes, and Pancro Spray lens cleaner. I also keep Hoodman Lens Cleanse wipes in my camera bags and cases

Photographers spend thousands of dollars on lenses yet so many people cut corners when it comes to keeping their lenses clean.  So I want to show you three simple steps to clean your lenses and also share some tips for keeping them clean in the first place.

When we talk about a dirty lens - fingerprints and oily smudges are your worst enemy and dust is not as much of a problem as you think

Dust is everywhere.  It WILL get on your lens and sometimes even inside your lens.  The fact is - a few specs of dust here or there on the front, inside or rear of your lens will NOT have an effect on image quality.  Certainly, a thick layer of dust or a particularly large piece of dust on the front or rear element can a problem.

The solution -  use lens caps.  Don’t let your lens sit out without a lens cap for an extended period of time in any environment.  I am most picky about the rear element.  When I remove a lens from my camera body I always keep the lens rear element down until the cap is on it. 

Also, be sure to clean the inside of your camera bag or camera case from time to time.  The more dust you keep away from your lens - the cleaner the lens will stay.  The preventative measures are important because continual cleaning can shorten the life of your lens, because of the risk of scratching the lens every time you clean the glass. - said Joe Edelman -


  1. Giottos Rocket Air Blaster:
  2. LensPen Lens Brush:
  3. KimWipes:
  4. Pancro Lens Cleaner Spray:
  5. Hoodman Lens Cleanse:

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