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In-Depth review with the Quadralite (Godox) A1 & iPhone 8 Plus

1/07/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

For a long time, we have been dreaming with a phone connected to our strobes,  a compact equipment to shoot everywhere with a minimal gear. Is the small Quadralite A1 (Godox A1) the final solution to our problems?

In this first video, the fashion photographer Felix Barjou explain how to use the Quadralite A1 in a studio shoot and all the features of the device step by step.

In this 2nd video, see the results of a photoshoot with the fashion photographer Felix Barjou using the Quadralite  A1 and the iPhone 8 Plus.


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About Felix Barjou:

Passionate about light, image editing and scene life, produced portraits and staged with a touch of humor.I work with artists: Singers, Dancers, actors, dj's
Advertising and also fashion. Let's Get Connected: 

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