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Les Aventuriers Du Temps qui passe.

3/19/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The Time Explorers

After his project taking portraits with an iPhone and a Big Mac to defuse the light, today our friend Philippe Echaroux presents "The Time Explorers".

"Today I often hear around me that it is the race, that we are completely overbooked, we complain about not having time for anything. We struggle in this feeling of being overwhelmed constantly, we choke on our own.

Our daily hyper connected forces us to live in a temporality not necessarily natural. The temporality of the instant.

This omni-present pressure I undergo it too. I told myself that I needed to step back with the real masters of time passing. "

The Question was:

What would you say to those who say they never have time for anything?

Mireille 104 " You have no time? You have no time for what ? "

Denise 93 " You have no time ? So Take it !!! "

Mireille 98 " . . . "

Raymond 93 " I made the mistake not to take the time "

Suzon " You have to learn to take the time "

Vito 91 " You have no time ? You're too lazy ! "

Waltraud " . . . " 

No more excuses, take your time.

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About Philippe Echaroux

Philippe Echaroux is a French Celebrity and advertising photographer working worldwide.Philippe also like to produce personal projects with strong meanings. Let's Get Connected: 

Images and video via Philippe Echaroux

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