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FILM VS DIGITAL, which one is better?

5/02/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

FILM VS DIGITAL, which one is better?

Since Irene Rudnyk has been shooting a lot of film, she has been getting a lot of questions about film photography.  Everything from how much does it cost to shoot film, how does she scan and develop her negatives, how does she get the picture transfer to her computer and why would she even waste time shooting film when she can put a grain and a Visco filter on top of it to make it look like film.

Today she is gonna answer some of your questions and do a comparison between shooting film and digital photography.

Someone asked me, if I had to choose only one or another, I would definitely choose digital! It´s far more reliable, faster and easier, especially if I worked with clients again! - said Irene-

Her film set up :
Mamiya 645 Pro + Mamiya 80mm 1.9

Digital set up :
Canon 5d mrk iii + Canon 85mm 1.2

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About Irene Rudnyk:

My name is Irene Rudnyk, I am a professional photographer from Calgary, Canada. Let's Get Connected: Instagram 

Text, image and video via Irene Rudnyk

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