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Night Street Photography Tips

5/25/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Night Street Photography

Today I'm sharing my Night street photography tips - what settings to use for night street photography, what gear and what ideas for your night photography. How to approach images you want to capture. After the videos start crushing street photography and keep crushing street photography it's time to hit the night life ;)

Read below for detailed settings & info:

✚ Settings for night street photography:

1/ If you want long exposure: here is a trick, start with the highest ISO possible just to check the framing. Then go down to 5-30s if you want car lights trails
2/ If you just want situational shots, use the tips I gave in the Start Crushing Street Photo video. But this time maybe allow your shutter to go a bit slower
3/ Depending on your camera you might want to limit your ISO from going too high. I'm good until 12800.
4/ Shoot at the lowest aperture possible - for a nice shallow DOF and bokeh.
5/ I shoot in A with the min SS down to 1/125s - or all manually. Up to you really.
6/ Underexpose a little to keep information in the highlights and recover shadows with less high ISO noise.

✚ Gear at Night: 

1/ Lens, lens, lens, get the lens with the widest aperture possible. 1,4 ,18, 2.0. Stick to primes if you cant.
2/ I don't use tripods except for a flexible one but feel free too - I don't like carrying it around except in nature. In the city, I always find somewhere to put the camera (table, bench, my backpack...).

✚ Overall tips/ideas:
- Use the environment you're in. The goal is not to light up the whole scene but only showcase what is being lit
- Find reflections
- Do long exposure to get cars lights trails
- Use neon lights / street signs
- BOKEH with the lights !! So smoooooooth!

Photographer friends, in a few more months and you’ll have another tower to shoot in Kuala Lumpur! (anyone reading with access to the construction site? lmk!) 🔥 Video alert: Night Street Photography went LIVE last night! Link in bio! :) . . . I wanted to post this last night but I crashed after posting (it was 2am here)…! Thank you for the support for those who have seen it already :) Means the world! . . . Story on that new tower: heard from locals that’s it’s a bit shady as to why they build it… knowing the Petronas tower are only half occupied - because the space is very $$$ - no one is sure why they needed to build that one. It might be a huge waste of money and resources but there is nothing you can do about it now so… enjoy the tower for the new awesome photos opportunities! PS: if anyone has access to the construction site let me know :p . . . #kualalumpur #nightstreetphotography #malaysia #peopleexplore
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