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Create Value To Yourself And Your Client By Creating Extra Content

6/26/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Create Value To Yourself And Your Client By Creating Extra Content

For almost every project I try to deliver also some extra content whether it is a blog, Youtube video, tutorial or bts (behind the scenes) material. You might ask why I spend so much time on creating these contents? For me creating content around my work is definitely one of my most important marketing things I do. Let me explain through one of my latest projects, RPS Brewing brand images.


I had amazing chance to do storytelling brand images for a local indie brewery, RPS Brewing. They have really unique brand and story and are always pushing also the marketing side further than any other brand in the sector.

Group of middle-aged friends suffering the hangover of life ran into each other after many years. They dreamed of a world filled with hope and better things to come. These gentlemen have survived through practically everything with laughter. The rest they have always settled in an adult way, playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.

This is the philosophy they wanted to share. In result – RPS Brewing was born. No matter where you come from you know the RPS game.

Now it’s time to taste the game.

So with this Rock-Paper-Scissors theme in mind, we developed together with the company a concept for the new brand images. Below you can see the images we created along with the previsualization sketches I did for each shot.


First extra content we decided to do was cinemagraph -typed animations using parallax effect. The idea was to animate our composite images into separate 10-15 second animations for each image. We did not have a budget to shoot a video for these so with this technique we were able to deliver these amazing images also in video format for use in various places. These videos will be seen in info screens and bars and also part of facebook and youtube marketing videos.


I shot around 300-400 frames for each image and then selected the best frames to complete my composite images. It was hard to choose the facial expressions to images since there were so many good poses and expressions these guys did during the photo shoot. I wanted people also to see these amazing facial expressions so I decided to put together also a short video from these extra frames that did not end up in the final image. So once again, I was able to use those images I took and turn them into a really interesting time-lapse video people to laugh at and share in different social media channels.


During the photo shoot, we took also plenty of Behind the scenes material with multiple cameras so of course, I would do a Vlog to my Youtube Channel. But also on that same video, I decided to put in some educational content as I showed also how the images were constructed in photoshop.


Last but not least, this blog. I always try to think of a good angle to my stories and in this case, I thought it would be nice to explain what kind of extra value you can create for yourself and to the brands you work with by creating various pieces content. As you can see, from this one photoshoot project I was able to do multiple content videos, funny time-lapse video to share, extra value to the client in the form of cinemagraphs, and also this blog to explain my thinking about extra content. We will see if this blog reaches any of the bigger blogs 😀

So it is not always about just images. Try to think how you can create that extra value to your client and to yourself by spending a few hrs more on that project.

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About Antti Karppinen:

Antti Karppinen is internationally awarded commercial photographer / digital artist and educator from Finland. Antti has won dozens international awards for visual artistry & commercial photography and is now working and educating worldwide. Major merits are World Photographic Cup Gold medal in the illustrative category and FEP photographer of the year Golden camera also in the illustrative category. He has also won the portrait photographer of Finland competition. Let's Get Connected: 

This article and all the images were originally published on  and shared with his permission

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