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Up Your Self Portrait Game ft. Sorelle Amore

6/26/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Up Your Self Portrait Game ft. Sorelle Amore

In this video, Sorelle Amore gives you some tips on how you can take better self-portraits.


  1. Shoot with intention
  2. Push through the awkwardness
  3. Take the shoot seriously
  4. Brainstorm your own self-portrait series.

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Roses are red, this pool is blue, I'm minutes away from hitting 200k on YouTube, you guys are so cool! . . Now that I'm done with my shitty poem, um...thank you!!! 5 weeks ago I was sitting at 127k on YouTube and I had been growing slooow for months! And it seems my channel had a recent fart explosion and here we are! I just released a video where I touch on why this growth occurred (link in bio), but I just really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support. I didn't think it was possible to care for the lives and wellbeing of people I haven't personally met but somehow it's happened. Grateful to have you all, my beautiful tribe of talented, smart, loving and caring people. Can't believe you chose my platform to join and form a family but I'm very thankful. I'm about to zzz but you'll all be in my dreams tonight as we tick over this major milestone. Thank you!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ . . . @wapadiume #Bali #TravelMore #TravelBali #Wapadiume
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150k views on my recent YouTube video on how to pose. Love you guys dig the tips. So to continue in that flow, here is a breakdown of this shot. I shot from lower down and camera tilted up, giving the impression of thicker thighs. Remember - whatever is closer to the camera appears larger. In this shot it's my thighs. I love my body, but photography allows you to create a new reality and story if you feel like it. Today I was going for the bootylicious look. I created interesting angles with my arms and also hid my phone behind my back which is linked to the camera as a remote trigger with a self timer and I can see my poses on the screen too. I tilted my head back to catch the light, which also doubled up as a boss expression. If you watched my recent photo critique, I uncovered within my photos and submitted images that often times women present a very timid expression, looking down, being shy. I am now aiming to make all my poses and expressions boss because I think women shrink themselves already too much as it is, so I don't want to contribute to that anymore. In total, I probably took 20 photos in this location before I landed on one I liked. The edit I did on this photo - colour grading in Lightroom and then in Photoshop I got rid of some wires, strange intersecting trees (can you guess?), poles, evened out my skin tone because it was blotchy from the uneven light and nipped in my waist a little bit. Ok...that's it. Who here cares about the photo process and who is here as an observer? Comment πŸ“· or πŸ‘! . . . #Bali #BaliTravel #Photography #SelfPortraits #TravelMore
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