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Should YOU Care about IG TV? aka Instagram TV

6/22/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Should YOU Care about IG TV? aka Instagram TV

Today our friend Pierre T. Lambert is talking about the BIG news from Instagram! Instagram has released what they call "Instagram TV", a new feature/app dedicated to longer form video content mobile friendly - aka in vertical orientation.

As a photographer, videographer and creator in general, what does it mean for you? Should you invest the time and effort or not?

How should you use IG TV? 

- It really depends what your goal is. If you use IG for your business it might be a great opportunity to showcase more of who you are to your clients through "about me/behind the scenes" videos. If you use it as an influencer/content creator only - then you definitely want to be pushing out your best work there through video.

Overall Pierre thinks IGTV is a great way to connect with your audience beyond the classic feed and the short stories.  It's a new way to share either short films or actually take your viewer behind the scenes of your shoots. You can even consider creating a vlog on Instagram TV...

Who is IG TV for? 

Anyone who already creates on Instagram really.

Overall it's so new that we will have to experiment with Instagram TV to see what works what doesn't and mainly what people use it for!

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About Pierre Lambert:

Pierre Lambert
I got an engineering degree for fun. Now I'm into sharing my Real passion/job/life: Photography. Btw, I'm on a world tour with my awesome wife & here is our vlog. Let's Get Connected: Twitter | Instagram 

Text, image and video via Pierre T. Lambert

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