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Will Lightroom PROFILES KILL PRESETS?! The NEW FASTEST Way to Edit Photos.

6/08/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Will Lightroom PROFILES KILL PRESETS?! The NEW FASTEST Way to Edit Photos.

Is this the NEW Fastest and easiest way to edit photos in Lightroom in 2018?! Lightroom Profiles vs Presets.

Let's answer in this video to: Are Lightroom Presets dead? Should you use Lightroom profiles instead? How do you install Lightroom profiles? How do you create your own Lightroom profiles?

✚ Lightroom release a new feature in the 7.3+ release which are called Lightroom Camera Profiles. The old "profiles" that were located in the camera calibration panel have been pushed to the top of the editing panel and have supercharged features.

✚ The new LR profiles give you the ability to apply creative styles to your images without having to touch any of the adjustments that you previously used.

✚ They basically act like presets with an added huge bonus which is the control over the intensity of it on your image. You can now control how much of it you want to apply - just like Instagram filters...

✚ So what's so different with LR Presets? Well 1/ you can control the intensity and 2/ they don't have any effect on the sliders which means you can adjust manually the image from scratch after applying the profile.

✚ How to install Lightroom profiles? To install profiles, copy and paste the Lightroom profiles (unzipped) you downloaded in the following folder:

On Mac, this folder is:
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

On Windows:

NEW! The Awesome Presets I mentioned are READY🔥 👉

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