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50 & Stitch: Make Photos That Bring The Viewer In

10/31/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

50 & Stitch: Make Photos That Bring The Viewer In

For the first one, Finn and Alex Strohl picked a chapter called 'Shooting Techniques: 50 & Stitch' which is very useful because it explains how to make images that are both very wide but also have shallow depth of field.

This video is a free preview of Finn and Alex´s workshop "Photo Storytelling Workshop"

About Finn Beales:

Finn is an award-winning travel, lifestyle and commercial photographer based in the United Kingdom  where he lives with his wife and two children. Attracted by his cinematic style and the narrative he weaves throughout his work, Finn shoots for the likes of Apple, Land Rover, Omega, Cartier and a variety of other global brands.

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About Alex Strohl:

Alex Strohl is a Madrid born, French photographer whose work is characterized by his extraordinary travels. Instead of creating contrived scenes, Strohl creates authentic moments and captures them as they unfold before him—continually blurring the lines between work and life.

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Text, image and video via Alex Strohl

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