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7 Secrets to get the PERFECT LIGHT in your Photos

10/30/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

7 Secrets to get the PERFECT LIGHT in your Photos

7 Photography Tips to take better photos, get the perfect light and exposure in camera. Today Pierre T. Lambert shares his 7 secrets for taking better photos by exposing your images correctly in camera, whether in street photography, portrait photography or landscape photography those tips help.

I will dive into the different light metering modes on camera that I use and will give you some photography tips on how to find the right exposure and use light meter the best way. -said Pierre - Enjoy!

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About Pierre Lambert:

Pierre Lambert
I got an engineering degree for fun. Now I'm into sharing my Real passion/job/life: Photography. Btw, I'm on a world tour with my awesome wife & here is our vlog. Let's Get Connected: Twitter | Instagram 

Text, image and video via Pierre T. Lambert

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